Bob's Shop Notes:
Wing Root Connections

If it were my airplane, I'd try to avoid breaking the wire bundle at the wing roots. I'm flying rental machines that are 40+ years old that have never had the wings off! Unless you KNOW that routine opening of a wire bundle is a good thing to do (perhaps your airplane folds the wings and goes onto a trailer between flights) then I'll suggest that you assemble the wings with long pigtails of wire extending out the roots. Wire them into the ship's systems solid but put about 6" of slack in the bundles at the roots. When and if you need to open the bundles, go ahead and cut them. When the wings go back on, restore the bundles with butt-splices. The slack wire at the roots will let you pull and replace the wings perhaps 5-6 times by cutting out the butt splices before you need to do anything like extend the wires.

If you really gotta have wing-root disconnection of ship's wiring, consider the technique below:

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