Bob's Shop Notes:
Easy Daisy-Chained Lighting Connections to
Multiple Westach Instruments.

Click here for Larger Image Westach aircraft instruments feature lamp fixtures for internal lighting fitted with short, small diameter pigtails.

Click here for Larger Image Select a pair of 22AWG wires long enough to route in a graceful manner between the instruments that are slated to share a lighting dimmer. You can use wire strippers to bare a short segment of strands thusly without cutting the wire.

Click here for Larger Image Wires for the lighting fixture are wrapped around bare strands on the the distribution leads and soldered.

Click here for Larger Image Cover finished joints with heat shrink. Continue with remaining fixtures in a similar manner except that the last fixture in the string is simply spliced onto the far end . . . cover joints with heatsrhink

Route free end of one daisy-chain lead to panel ground. The other lead goes to a adjustable power output lead on your dimming controller. Click here for .pdf wiring diagram.