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I have resisted the idea of cooperative linking to other websites from since the beginning. As link-lists grow, they require increasing time and attention to keep them accurate. Further, once the feature is added, one may expect a sharp increase in e-mail that offers to link my site if I will link theirs . . .

Nevertheless, there is value for cataloging and posting of useful links for sources of relatively obscure tools and materials.If anyone detects a broken or incorrect link, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Just click the E-mail icon above above and let me know what you've discovered. Suggestions for additions to this page that fall in within bounds of the stated mission are most welcome. Hopeful offers for cooperative linking of subject matter websites should take note: This linking feature is confined to materials and tools sources of relatively unique items. I'm not opening the door to cooperative linking of subject matter websites. Thanks!

Last Update 11/18/10

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Note: Links are cited below for a unique product of interest. The category under which each appears may not be indicative of their total offering. I would encourage folks to browse the website of each supplier with enough diligence to become aware of all categories of products or services offered . . .

Welding Cable

  • McMaster-Carr
  • Cable Yard
  • WesBell Electronics

    Aircraft Wire

  • Skycraft
  • B & C
  • Steinair
  • Perihelion Design
  • Wiremasters
  • Pegasus Auto Racing

    Tools and/or Wiring Supplies

  • Terminal Town
  • Steinair

    Specialty Fasteners

  • RTL Fasteners
  • Microfasteners

  • Aircraft Electrical

  • B & C
  • Skygeek
  • Aircraft Spruce

    Electronics Parts

  • DigiKey
  • Allied Electronics
  • Newark Electronics
  • Jameco Electronics
  • Marlin P Jones
  • All Electronics
  • Skycraft Parts and Surplus
  • Surplus Shed
  • Mouser Electronics

    General Electro-Mechanical Parts and Industrial Surplus

  • Surplus Center
  • C&H Sales
  • Herback and Rademan
  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska
  • American Science and Surplus