Photos and Illustrations for Amateur Airplane Builders

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Images offered in this service included items gleaned from Websites, publications of various manufacturers, and originals crafted in the course of activities here at the AeroElectric Connection . Trade marks, trade names and intellectual property are owned by respective manufacturers. These data are offered only for information and convenience of the Owner Built and Maintained (OBAM) aircraft industry for the enhancement of understanding about selection, incorporating and/or maintaining depicted products and ideas in their aircraft. These data may not be the latest versions. Data published here may depict obsolete or discontinued products. Inclusion of any data on this service is not intended to imply a recommendation of any product.


Some illustrations in this service have been posted in support of a recommendation that the product or idea SHOULD NOT be used. Search this website and AeroElectric-List archives for further explanation as to value received or suitability to a task for any image posted here.

====== Table of Contents: Photos and Illustrations =======

  • Alternator Test Stand

  • Alternators

  • Annunciators, Lighting and Indicators

  • Antennas

  • Batteries

  • Battery Chargers

  • Battery Testers

  • Breakers

  • Connectors

  • Contactors

  • Data Plots

  • Data Acquisition

  • Field Failures

  • Filters

  • Gallery of First-Flight Photos

  • Fuel Level Sensing

  • Fuses

  • Grounding

  • Instruments

  • Lighting, Annunciators and Indicators

  • Materials

  • Miscellaneous

  • Motors

  • Pitot Tubes

  • Products

  • Project Photos

  • Radios

  • Regulators

  • Relays

  • Schematics

  • Switches

  • Terminals

  • Tools

  • Wire

  • Wiring Accessories

  • Wiring Technique