Index of Product Support Files

========== Table of Contents ==========

Note: Some discontinued products have been converted to DIY project support data packages

  • AEC8010_4-Interval Timer Chip and Applications

  • AEC9001 Schottky Rectifier Assembly (Current Production)

  • AEC9003 Crowbar OVM (Discontinued/DIY)

  • CbOVM-14 Crowbar OVM (Current Production)

  • AEC9005 Low Volts Warn and Aux Battery Management Module (DIY)

  • AEC9006 Line Noise Filter (Discontinued)

  • AEC9007 Miniature Loadmeter (Discontinued)

  • AEC9008 Low Resistance Measurement Adapter (Current Production)

  • AEC9009 Audio Isolation Amplifier (DIY)

  • AEC9012 Programmable Wig/Wag Controller (OPEN SOURCE PROJECT)

  • AEC9021 Loadmeter/Voltmeter (Discontinued)

  • AEC9023 Solid State Circuit Breaker for IVO Prop Pitch(Under Development)

  • AEC9024 4-Function Control Module (Under Development)

  • AEC9030 Solid State Relay (Under Development)

  • AEC9042 Manual/Remote Battery Switch (Under Development)

  • AEC9044 Battery Capacity Tester/LV Warn (Under Development)

  • AEC9050 One-Tube Radio Module (Under Development)

  • AEC9051 LED Driver Module - RFI Filtered (Current Production)